FAQ: When do rei dividends come out?

How do I check my REI dividend?

We have an online tool called Annual Dividend Lookup that you can use to get the information you need. You will need your member number, first name, and last name. REI Community. Ask an REI Employee. Where can I find my member dividend?

Can I use someone else’s REI dividend?

We do not have a way for a member to gift their dividend to another person. While we do allow individuals to put purchases on a membership that is not theirs (i.e. it is a family member’s membership), the annual dividend belongs to the owner of the membership.

Is an REI membership worth it?

The REI membership fee of $20 is good for a lifetime membership. So the more years that you have an REI membership, the less it actually ends up costing. If you are buying gear over $200, it pays for itself immediately. You don’t need your actual REI membership card when purchasing, just your phone number.

How does REI Co-op work?

The REI Co – op has a modest price of admission: A lifetime membership is just $20. And as long as you spend at least $10 a year on qualifying purchases, you’ll earn 10 percent back in annual dividends, plus you’ll get access to member-only discounts during special in-store events, and in some cases, free shipping.

Can I spend my REI dividend Online?

Using your REI annual dividend is pretty straight forward. As soon as you receive notice of your balance, you can start spending. It’s good at any REI retail location as well as online and by phone. You also have the option of receiving your dividend in cash money or by check.

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Does REI price match?

Because of our status as a co-op and our focus on our members, we do not price – match. In case you’re not already an REI member, you can check out the benefits of our membership here! At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

How much of a discount do REI employees get?

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well lived, which is why we developed programs to get our employees outside. Employee Discount Program: REI employees receive 50% discounts on REI Gear and Apparel. The discount program also includes 30% off our vendor merchandise and 10% off sale items.

Is Rei really a coop?

That’s led many to wonder how outdoor specialty retailer Recreational Equipment Inc. The answer to all these questions may have something to do with the company’s business structure: REI is a retail cooperative, meaning it’s owned by its members.

Can I use my husband REI membership?

Although a membership is assigned to one individual, it can be used by others. You are welcome to continue to use your husband’s membership if you would like, or for a one time fee of $20, you can join and have your own membership!

How do you get a discount at REI?

Work at REI for a 50% discount and killer benefits. 30% off vendor items, plus an additional 10% off sale items. Access to the ProDeal discount program where items are priced at or below wholesale. REI Adventure discounts from 10-30% off REI member price.

Do REI members get a discount?

Members receive 10% off of almost everything in the store automatically (paid back in an annual dividend), access to members -only deals, deep discounts on REI classes, events, and adventures, and can vote on the company’s board of directors, among other perks.

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How much does it cost to join REI?

A one-time fee of $20 lets you become a lifetime member of the REI Co-op.

How is Rei doing financially?

REI Chief Financial Officer Kelley Hall shared REI’s results from 2019 with $3.1 billion in revenue, 8% sales growth across digital and in-store offerings, and increased sales at brick and mortar stores by 3.5%.

Is Rei a good brand?

The Co-op products are affordable, sustainable, and proven to be some of the best outdoor equipment out there (according to reviewers). We rounded up 15 of the highest-rated clothes and outdoor gear you can shop from the REI Co-op brand.

What are the benefits of being an REI member?

You get rewards 1, like 5% back on REI purchases-and that’s in addition to your typical 10% member dividend2, 2% back on mobile wallet purchases and 1% back everywhere else. Plus, there’s no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees3.

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