What is a double mastectomy surgery

How long does a double mastectomy surgery take?

During mastectomy surgery

Mastectomy with axillary dissection can take 2-3 hours. If reconstruction is performed at the same time, surgery will take longer. Most mastectomy incisions are in the shape of an oval around the nipple, running across the width of the breast.

Is a mastectomy major surgery?

First, a mastectomy is considered major surgery. It will be performed under general anesthesia, and you’ll be in the hospital for some length of time depending on how you respond to the anesthesia, how quickly you recover and whether you elected to have an immediate breast reconstruction.30 мая 2017 г.

Can you still get breast cancer after a double mastectomy?

No evidence has ever been shown to prove this. FACT: Undergoing a bilateral mastectomy drastically reduces your chances of breast cancer recurrence since almost all of your breast tissue has been removed. There is a very small chance that residual breast tissue or cancer cells could recur on the chest wall.

What happens during mastectomy surgery?

During a total (simple) mastectomy, the surgeon removes the breast tissue, nipple, areola and skin. Other mastectomy procedures may leave some parts of the breast, such as the skin or the nipple.

How long do drains stay in after double mastectomy?

The surgeon removes all of the breast tissue. In most, but not all cases, the nipple and areola are also removed. The surgeon closes the skin with stitches and puts in 1-2 tubes (surgical drains) so fluid from the wound can drain out (see image below). The drain(s) stays in for about a week to 10 days after surgery.

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How do you help someone after a double mastectomy?

How My Friends Helped Me Through a Double Mastectomy

  1. Help your friend feel normal. There’s nothing worse than having a pair of sad eyes looking at you every day during your recovery. …
  2. Allow them to talk about their insecurities. …
  3. Do your research. …
  4. Make a care package. …
  5. Keep the conversation going.

How long will I be off work after a mastectomy?

As a general rule, you will likely need to wait 6 weeks before you return to work after a mastectomy. If you are undergoing additional treatments, the time away from work may be longer. Some patients may be able to return to work sooner if their job does not involve heavy lifting.

How do you sleep after a mastectomy?

Sleep Position After Breast Surgery

Instead, most plastic surgeons recommend that patients who have had breast surgery sleep exclusively on their backs until they are fully healed.

Do you need chemo after a mastectomy?

When chemotherapy is provided after surgery, it is called adjuvant chemotherapy. Whether or not chemotherapy is recommended following a total mastectomy will depend on many different factors, including the patient’s overall health, age and medical history as well as the type, stage and nature of the breast cancer.

How dangerous is a double mastectomy?

The risks for mastectomy are similar to any other type of surgery. Common complications include phantom breast syndrome (the sensation of breast tissue still being present, sometimes with pain), collection of fluid under the skin (seroma), wound infection, skin flap necrosis and pain.

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Do you get to keep your nipples after a mastectomy?

Because the nipple is insensate, the nipple can often be removed under local anesthesia or no anesthesia in the office by the plastic surgeon several weeks after surgery. In most cases, the nipple is removed and the areola is retained, so the cosmetic appearance is still acceptable to most patients.

Can you live 20 years after breast cancer?

Since the hazard rate associated with inflammatory breast cancer shows a sharp peak within the first 2 years and a rapid reduction in risk in subsequent years, it is highly likely that the great majority of patients alive 20 years after diagnosis are cured.

How soon can you drive after mastectomy?

Driving. Get advice from your doctor or nurse about when to start driving. Generally, you should be OK to drive if you can make an emergency stop without discomfort in the wound. Some people are able to drive about 3 weeks after the operation, but it may be sooner or later than this depending on how you feel.

How do I prepare for a mastectomy?

Mastectomy: Instructions Before Surgery

  1. You will need to have a responsible adult to drive you home. …
  2. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight on the night before your surgery. …
  3. Do not take aspirin or aspirin-containing products for 10 days before your surgery. …
  4. Wear comfortable clothing.

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