What is ankle fusion surgery

Can I walk normally after ankle fusion?

Ankle fusion will change how you walk. But with proper shoes, most patients do not limp. A fused ankle does not usually result in a fully rigid foot.

What is involved in fusing an ankle?

Ankle fusion (arthrodesis) involves cleaning the worn out ankle joint and fusing the bones together with screws, plates and bone grafts. Ankle fusion relieves pain, but it also limits your ankle’s range of motion, Parekh explained.

How long does ankle fusion surgery take to perform?

Ankle fusion surgery can take between two and three hours to perform. Spinal anesthesia typically is given to numb you from the waist down, and you usually are sedated so you sleep through the procedure. Your surgeon may have to make multiple incisions.

Can you drive a car with a fused ankle?

If your right ankle/foot is the fused one, you are not able to use your right leg to push on the brake or accelerator and are thus not mechanically able to perform the functions associated with normal driving. You should be mechanically able to do the things needed to drive.

Will ankle fusion eliminate pain?

Ankle fusion has a high success rate at eliminating the pain and swelling associated with arthritis, which can have a huge impact on your quality of life. It should last a lifetime.

Can you wear normal shoes after ankle fusion?

6-12 weeks – you will have a cast or boot so you will be able to take some of your weight with crutches if advised by your consultant. 12 weeks onwards – you should be able to take your full weight and wear normal shoes.

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Should I get an ankle fusion?

Why might I need ankle fusion? You may need an ankle fusion if you have severe arthritis in your ankle. It can cause symptoms such as severe pain, inflammation, and stiffness. These can lead to difficulty walking.

How long are you non weight bearing after ankle fusion?

If you have had an ankle fusion, it is very likely that you will remain non-weight bearing on the operated leg for at least six weeks after the surgery. This means you cannot walk on the operated leg, you will need to hop. Your foot and ankle will either be put in a cast or a splint after the surgery.

Is there an alternative to ankle fusion?

Ankle distraction arthroplasty is an innovative procedure for treating ankle arthritis in select patients. Unlike ankle fusion and ankle replacement, distraction arthroplasty focuses on joint restoration.

What can I expect after foot fusion surgery?

0-2 weeks – you will have a plaster cast and will be given crutches to keep the weight off your foot. 2-6 weeks – you will be given a lightweight cast and continue to use crutches to keep the weight off your foot. 6-12 weeks – you can start to bear your weight wearing a boot or cast with crutches if advised.

What happens if ankle fusion fails?

A failed fusion can ultimately result in amputation. Risks for poor outcomes include smoking, noncompliance (walking on it early or removing your brace against your doctor’s advice), poorly controlled diabetes, and poor bone density.

Which is better ankle fusion or ankle replacement?

Ankle Fusion: The fusion eliminates any motion of the ankle (you still have motion in the foot). By eliminating the motion you eliminate a lot of the pain because pain is typically associated with motion. Ankle Replacement: The technology is much improved and allows you to maintain most of your motion.

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Are ankle replacements successful?

Ankle replacement surgery is very successful in most cases, but it does have some risks. These include: Infection. Damage to nearby nerves.

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