What is female pelvic reconstructive surgery

What is female reconstructive surgery?

About female reconstructive surgery:

Reconstructive surgery is used to restore the organs of the pelvic floor to their normal position. The surgery used for this condition is a robotic assisted sacrocolpopexy .

What is pelvic reconstruction?

The aim of pelvic floor reconstructive surgery, is to restore pelvic organs to their original position. Reconstructive surgery can be performed through an incision in the vagina (open surgery), by laparoscopic surgery, or robotic surgery.

What is the recovery time for pelvic reconstructive surgery?

Most patients return to full activity an average of three weeks after surgery. Sexual activity: If a vaginal incision is required during surgery, the patient may feel pain during intercourse. Therefore, the patient should abstain from sexual activity for four to six weeks after surgery.

Does prolapse surgery make you tighter?

Some women actually do too much exercise and develop tight, painful muscles. Sometimes, after a pelvic surgery, a woman might actually feel “tight” or “tense” inside. This is from the surgery, not because the muscles magically strengthened from the procedure.

How long do you stay in hospital after prolapse surgery?

Depending on the extent of your surgery , the hospital stay usually lasts one to four days. Many women have difficulty urinating immediately after the surgery and have to go home with a catheter in place to drain the bladder.

What does urogynecology mean?

Urogynecology is a sub-specialty of Gynecology, and in some countries is also known as Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. A urogynecologist manages clinical problems associated with dysfunction of the pelvic floor and bladder. Pelvic floor disorders affect the bladder, reproductive organs, and bowels.

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What is the best surgery for uterine prolapse?

Sacrohysteropexy—Used to treat uterine prolapse when a woman does not want a hysterectomy. Surgical mesh is attached to the cervix and then to the sacrum, lifting the uterus back into place. Surgery using vaginally placed mesh—Used to treat all types of prolapse.

What is the difference between a gynecologist and a Urogynecologist?

A gynecologist trains for 4 additional years after medical school with a focus on obstetrics and care of the female reproductive system. An urogynecologist is a surgeon that has completed either urology or an ob-gyn residency and then went on to sub-specialize.

What is a Stage 3 prolapse?

Other pelvic organs (such as the bladder or bowel) may also be prolapsed into the vagina.,. The four categories of uterine prolapse are: Stage I – the uterus is in the upper half of the vagina. Stage II – the uterus has descended nearly to the opening of the vagina. Stage III – the uterus protrudes out of the vagina.

How painful is prolapse surgery?

Usually the graft is anchored to the muscles of the pelvic floor. Generally this surgery is not very painful. You may feel as if you have been ‘riding on a horseback’. You will have some discomfort and pain, so please do not hesitate to take pain medication.

How long are you in the hospital after pelvic surgery?

Most people who have surgery for a severe pelvic fracture require three to four months of recovery time. As the pelvic injury heals strengthening exercises and a conditioning program are prescribed to facilitate their return to work and other daily activities. The patient is discharged when: comfort is sufficient.

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What happens if prolapse is left untreated?

It is generally safe to leave prolapse untreated unless the prolapse is very large or causes difficulty with bowel or bladder emptying.

What should you not do with a prolapse?

If you have pelvic organ prolapse, avoid things that could make it worse. That means don’t lift, strain, or pull. If possible, try not to be on your feet for long periods of time. Some women find that they feel more pressure when they stand a lot.

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