What to expect after breast reconstruction surgery

How long does it take to recover from reconstructive breast surgery?

Most women can start to get back to normal activities within 6 to 8 weeks. If implants are used without flaps, your recovery time may be shorter. Some things to keep in mind: Reconstruction does not restore normal feeling to your breast, but some feeling may return over a period of years.

How long does pain last after breast reconstruction?

Skin irritation and breast pain usually begin within a few weeks of starting treatment and go away on their own within 6 months after treatment ends. For some people, however, these symptoms may not occur until several months or years after treatment.

Is breast reconstruction a major surgery?

Breast reconstruction is major surgery. A person can expect to spend several days in the hospital after both implant reconstruction and flap reconstruction. People may need more than one surgery to fully reconstruct the breast(s). Skin flap surgery has a longer recovery time than reconstruction using implants.

What should I wear after breast reconstruction surgery?

Post-Surgical Bra

In addition to drawing away lymph fluid, compression bras help to keep your implants in place after surgery to prevent dislocation and ensures that your breast will be symmetrical. The added blood flow from the compression also floods the wound site with nutrients to aid healing.

Can I sleep on my side after breast reconstruction?

Sleep Position After Breast Surgery

While it is possible to sleep on your side after breast surgery, it comes with some medical concerns that aren’t worth the risk. Instead, most plastic surgeons recommend that patients who have had breast surgery sleep exclusively on their backs until they are fully healed.

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Is reconstructive breast surgery painful?

Recovery From Breast Reconstruction Surgery

You may have some discomfort for the first few days afterward. You’ll be given pain medication as needed.

How long does nerve pain last after breast surgery?

This condition can develop up to several months after surgery and can persist for three to six or more years. Direct injury to the intercostobrachial nerve and other sensory nerves in the underarm (axilla) and breast areas during surgery causes PMPS.

How should I sleep after breast reconstruction surgery?

After a few days, the swelling and bruising will start to dissipate, but for the first 4 – 6 weeks after surgery, you must sleep on your back. Sleeping on your back and keeping your back, shoulders, and head elevated after breast augmentation takes the pressure off the implants and incisions while they heal.

When can I lift my arms after mastectomy?

For 4 to 6 weeks after surgery:

Do NOT do any heavy lifting, pushing, pulling or repetition with your affected arm(s) such as vacuuming, ironing, carrying heavy grocery bags or laundry baskets. Do NOT lift young children or small pets with your affected arm(s).

What type of breast reconstruction is best?

Implant and flap surgery are the two major types of breast reconstruction. Flaps make use of a woman’s own tissue to reconstruct the breast. Flaps offer a larger, softer breast. The best candidates for implants tend to be smaller, thinner women.5 мая 2015 г.

What is the best breast reconstruction method?

In these cases, breast reconstruction usually requires a flap technique (also known as autologous reconstruction). This is the most common method of tissue reconstruction, using lower abdominal skin and fat to create a breast shape. A woman may also choose not to have an implant for personal reasons.

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Can belly fat be used for breast reconstruction?

A DIEP reconstruction is very similar to abdominal muscle reconstruction. But the surgeon only takes skin and fat from the abdomen to make the breast shape. They leave the abdominal muscle in place as they remove the skin and fat along with the blood vessel that keeps the tissue alive.

How long do I need to wear a bra after breast reconstruction?

approximately two to three weeks

How long should a drain be left in after breast surgery?

You will have the drain(s) for at least 5 days and up to 3 weeks. Your drain will come out when the drainage is less than 30 millilitres (just over 2 tablespoons) in 24 hours for 2 days in a row. A nurse can remove your drain. You may take pain medication 30 to 60 minutes before the drain is removed.

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