What type of doctor does hand surgery

Why do plastic surgeons do hand surgery?

Plastic surgeons who perform hand surgery seek to restore hand and finger function. … Hand reconstructive surgery may be done for many reasons, including: Hand injuries. Rheumatic diseases, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, that change and damage the structures in the hand.

What type of hand surgeries are there?

Common types of hand surgery

  • Carpal tunnel release.
  • Dupuytren’s contracture fasciectomy.
  • Trigger finger release.
  • Tendon repair.
  • Ganglion removal.
  • Knuckle (MCP joint) replacement.
  • Trapeziectomy (removal of the trapezium)

What doctor treats hand injuries?

Hand surgeons specialize in the care of your fingers, hand, wrist or arm and devote most of their time to examining, treating and studying the upper-extremity2.

How long does hand surgery procedure take?

Some hand surgery can take as little as 20 minutes, on the other hand some intricate surgery can take much longer – it will depend on what needs to be done. Many of the operations can be performed as day-cases, though this will depend on each individual patient’s requirements and the complexity of the case.

What is the recovery time for hand surgery?

Timeline for Hand Surgery Recovery

For example, tendon repair recovery can take up to 12 weeks for your hand to return to full strength and up to 6 months for you to regain a full range of movement. Other types of surgeries, such as stress fractures, can take anywhere from 6 to 14 weeks to heal.

How do I know if I need hand surgery?

Do I Really Need Hand Surgery? If the bones in your hand are unstable such as in a compound fracture. If there are bones piercing your skin. If the bones are shattered.

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Are you awake during hand surgery?

Local Anesthesia

Numbing medicine is injected at the site of surgery. The patient is wide-awake during the surgery and can fully cooperate with any instructions from the surgeon, such as to move the hand or fingers. It contains medicine to stop excessive bleeding and to minimize pain in the operated area.

Can arthritis in hands be operated on?

Yet surgery to repair the damage from hand arthritis is relatively rare. One reason is that finger surgery has a high complication and failure rate. It can also sacrifice mobility for pain relief. The two main surgical options for hand arthritis are fusion (arthrodesis) and total knuckle replacement (arthroplasty).

What is the most common hand injury?

Dislocations of the PIP Joint

One of the most common injuries to a hand is an injury to the joint above the knuckle, the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint. Injuries to the PIP joint occur when the finger is either hyperextended (forced backwards) or forced into flexion (downward into a bent position).

When should I go to the doctor for hand pain?

Share on Pinterest A person should see a doctor if their hand pain does not get better with home treatment. A person should see a doctor for severe, persistent, or reoccurring pain in the hands or wrists. See a doctor for hand pain that: does not get better with home treatment.

When should I go to the doctor for a hand injury?

In addition, you should consult a doctor if and when any of the following symptoms are present: persistent pain, swelling, or restricted range of motion. numbness, tingling, weakness, spasm, or radiating pain. failure of the injury to recover after 4-8 weeks of rest.

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How long do you stay in hospital after wrist surgery?

You will probably spend one to two nights in hospital, and your arm will be in a splint for up to six weeks. You will need at least two weeks off work after surgery.

Should I move my fingers after wrist surgery?

Start to exercise your fingers, thumb, elbow and shoulder immediately after surgery. It is important to keep these joints moving to stop them from stiffening. Initially, it might feel uncomfortable to do these exercises but with regular practice they will become easier and your movement will improve.

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