How to wear a sling after shoulder surgery

Can you take sling off after shoulder surgery?

You may be able to take the bandage off in about 3 days, or when your doctor tells you. Your arm will also be in a sling for at least 1 week and maybe as long as 6 weeks. You may take the sling off when you dress or wash and during rehabilitation (rehab).

What kind of sling do you use after shoulder surgery?

Rotator cuff repair can reduce pain and improve shoulder function, although there is a risk of repeat tears or incomplete healing. Patients are often advised to wear an immobilizing sling or brace for the first few weeks after rotator cuff surgery.

How do you wear a sling for a shoulder injury?

How to Wear Your Sling

  1. Gently pull the sling over your arm and elbow. …
  2. Reach around your neck and grab the strap behind your elbow. …
  3. Tighten the straps so your hand and forearm are elevated above the level of your elbow. …
  4. Fasten the strap with the Velcro fasteners.

Why is shoulder surgery so painful?

The other major reason patients have pain after rotator cuff surgery is due to stiffness of that shoulder. It is common after rotator cuff surgery to have some stiffness due to the fact that the operation caused the arm to be held without motion for some time.

What can you not do after shoulder surgery?

You should not do any reaching, lifting, pushing, or pulling with your shoulder during the first six weeks after surgery. You should not reach behind your back with the operative arm. You may remove your arm from the sling to bend and straighten your elbow and to move your fingers several times a day.

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Can I take my sling off to sleep?

It is important you wear your sling in bed for the recommended period, unless you are instructed otherwise. We recommend you sleep on your back or unaffected side. When lying on your back we suggest you use a pillow underneath your injured arm for support.

How long does nerve block last after shoulder surgery?

For shoulder surgery, the numbing medicine is placed into the nerves just above the collarbone. The numbness will extend from your hand up through your shoulder. The nerve block can last up to 24 hours.

Do and don’ts after rotator cuff surgery?


  • Don’t drive. Period. …
  • Don’t do any lifting, pushing, or pulling.
  • Don’t move your shoulder or reach with the arm that your surgery was performed on.
  • Don’t remove the sutures.
  • Don’t travel until cleared by your doctor.
  • Don’t place any creams, ointments, Neosporin/Polysporin on the incision. THINK DRY!!!

What is the fastest way to recover from shoulder surgery?

Here are some of the best shoulder surgery tips for quicker recovery.

  1. Know the Stages of Rehabilitation After Shoulder Surgery. …
  2. Don’t Resume Physical Activity Too Soon. …
  3. Embrace Physical Therapy. …
  4. Perform Shoulder Surgery Exercises. …
  5. Know Recovery Times Can Vary.

Can I drive with my arm in a sling?

Specific comments I often hear are that there are people with only one arm who can drive. While this is true, these people have specific modifications to their car and steering wheel making driving “one armed” safer. The bottom line is that, if you need to be in a sling, you cannot drive.

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When should you use an arm sling?

Why do I need a sling? You may need a sling because of an injury or surgery to your hand, wrist, arm, or shoulder. A sling helps prevent your hand, arm, and shoulder from moving so your injury can heal. A sling can also help if you have a heavy cast on your arm.

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