How long does it take to recover from ankle replacement surgery

What is the success rate of ankle replacement surgery?

Overall ankle replacement survival was 89% at 5 years and 76% at 10 years in a study Fevang and colleagues conducted of 250 ankles in the Norwegian Arthroplasty Register in 2007. The overall failure rate was 11%.

How soon can you walk after ankle replacement?

Weeks 4-6: Resume Your Activities

You’ll get an X-ray about 6 weeks after surgery. If your ankle is healing well, your doctor might tell you that you can stop using crutches. You’ll switch from a splint to a boot that should allow you to start walking on the ankle.

How long does an ankle replacement last?

How long will a total ankle replacement last? Ankle Replacement: The technology is still evolving, but we are hopeful to get at least 10-20 years out of the replacement. The more high-impact activities you do, the faster you go through the lifespan of the joint replacement.

How long is non weight bearing after ankle replacement?

Range of motion exercises begin after about two weeks. Although ankle replacement is a major surgery, it is good to move your ankle to circulate blood. However, you need to continue using the crutches and not bearing weight on your ankle for a total of about six weeks after surgery.

How long do you stay in the hospital after ankle surgery?

After surgical repair of a dislocated ankle, most healthy patients remain in the hospital from one to two days. However, some patients may require a longer stay in the hospital due to pre-existing medical problems or medical issues that may arise after surgery.

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Who is the best ankle replacement surgeon?

Duke’s foot and ankle surgeons are considered among the best ankle replacement surgeons because they routinely perform high volumes of ankle replacement surgeries, as well as revisions from ankle fusion to ankle replacement.

How many hours does ankle surgery take?

The procedure takes between one and two hours. After surgery you’ll need to wear a cast for 6–12 weeks, depending on your situation. You should be able to wear normal shoes after the cast is removed, although some alterations are occasionally needed.

How long after ankle surgery can I start physical therapy?

The next step of physiotherapy happens once the ankle has been set and is somewhat healed, normally six to ten weeks after the injury. Then the patient will begin to attend appointments with a physiotherapist to begin the rehabilitation process.

Is physical therapy necessary after ankle surgery?

Physical therapy gets your body in the right condition to function the way it should. Physical therapy is the treatment of orthopedic pain and conditions through methods such as exercise, massage, and other therapies. When your ankle heals, you will need to rehabilitate it to get it back in good motion.

Can you run after ankle replacement?

You can run and jump, but the unit will wear out faster. It is possible to ski, though, Dr. Schon says, since skiing has less impact on an ankle than, say, jumping. Recipients also could need follow-up surgery.

Will I walk with a limp after ankle fusion?

Will I walk with a limp after ankle fusion? Ankle fusion will change how you walk. But with proper shoes, most patients do not limp. A fused ankle does not usually result in a fully rigid foot.

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How much does a total ankle replacement cost?

The cost of an ankle replacement surgery will vary greatly between inpatient and outpatient facilities. The national average cost for an ankle replacement surgery at inpatient facilities is $29,662, while the same procedure at outpatient facilities averaged $19,610.

How long before I can drive after ankle surgery?

Following surgery, a bulky splint is applied to the ankle until the stitches or staples are removed at approximately two weeks. If the left ankle is broken, you can drive once you once you have stopped taking narcotics. For the right ankle, driving can be started at 4 to 6 weeks.

What can you do after ankle replacement?

After replacement surgery, your ankle will be in a splint, and you’ll need to use crutches. You won’t be able to put any weight on your ankle for several weeks. After that, you’ll likely start physical therapy and slowly move to weight-bearing activities.

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