How to finance cosmetic surgery with bad credit

How can I get financing for plastic surgery with bad credit?

Payment plan

Plastic surgery payment plans may be a good option for people with bad credit, as you may be able to set up a plan without a credit check. If the medical provider doesn’t already offer an in-house payment plan, then you can propose a plastic surgery payment plan of your own.

How can I get financed for plastic surgery?

Here are a seven financing options for plastic surgery procedure.

  1. Personal Loans. An unsecured loan from your bank or credit union offers an immediate and quick way to secure money for a surgical procedure. …
  2. Home Equity Loan or HELOC. …
  3. Medical Credit Cards. …
  4. Doctor’s Payment Plans. …
  5. Retirement Account. …
  6. Savings.

What credit score do you need to finance a breast augmentation?


What credit score do you need for United Medical Credit?

585 or higher

What is the highest credit limit for Care Credit?


How long does it take to get approved for care credit?

You will get the credit decision within seconds and, if approved, you can use your account right away. You can also apply over the phone, toll free, at (800) 677-0718. If you choose to call, you can use our automated system 24/7 or you can apply with a live agent between 9:00am-9:00pm Monday-Friday, Eastern Time.

Does Care Credit hurt your credit?

Although applying for CareCredit did result in a small credit scoring dip, you needn’t worry about long-term damage. Hard inquiries can only affect a credit score for up to a year. As long as you keep your other accounts in good standing, your credit score will quickly rebound.

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What credit score is needed for Alphaeon?


Does CareCredit cover breast augmentation?

CareCredit is different from a regular credit card. … Once you’ve been approved for CareCredit, you can use it over and over again, as long as credit is still present, to be used for fillers and injectables, non-invasive procedures like TruSculptiD, or invasive procedures such as a tummy tuck or breast augmentation.

Does saline or silicone look better?

Silicone gel

Silicone is more viscous than saline. In contrast to saline, it flows differently within its shell and can often create a more natural look and feel to the breast, like breast tissue.

How can I get breast implants with bad credit?

Yes, you can get breast implants with a bad credit score. There are lenders who offer breast enlargement finance for people with bad credit. Your credit history will be taken into account and likely offer a secured loan or guarantor loan, which are designed for people with bad credit.

Can you get a medical loan with bad credit?

Many banks are willing to work with borrowers who have poor credit and need a medical loan, especially local banks and credit unions. And if you shop around and compare rates carefully, you may even find medical loans offer better rates and terms than other forms of debt.

Does United Medical Credit accept bad credit?

United Medical Credit helps patients, even those with bad credit, find a loan from our online lender network to cover their medical bills. The medical loan can be disbursed directly to the plastic surgeons’ office.

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