How to fix bow legs without surgery

Can you reverse bow legs?

Physiologic bow legs does not need treatment. It usually corrects itself as the child grows. A child with Blount disease may need a brace or surgery. Rickets usually is treated by adding vitamin D and calcium to the diet.

Can bowed legs be corrected in adults?

No casts or braces are needed. The bowed legs can be corrected gradually using an adjustable frame. The surgeon cuts the bone, and put an adjustable external frame on connected to the bone with wires and pins. The parents receive a regimen outlining the daily adjustments that should be done to the frame.

Do bow legs get worse with age?

By age three the problem has generally resolved without any type of bracing or treatment. However, certain medical conditions can be responsible for bowed legs that do not improve, or even worsen as a child ages.

Is bowed legs a disability?

Because of the bowing, a leg-length discrepancy may result. This may result in disability if the discrepancy is significant (greater than 1 inch) and is not treated.

Are bow legged runners faster?

People with bowed legs have knees that whip inward as they step off from one foot to the other. This inward motion of the knees drives them forward and helps them run faster. So, good sprinters and halfbacks usually have flat feet, bowed legs and pigeon toes.

Can exercise help bow legs?

Benefits of Exercise for Bow Legs

Lower extremity stretching and strengthening your hips and legs will help keep your knees healthy. People with bow legs may need to focus some of their exercise sessions on improving balance and proprioception as they can be impaired by the condition.

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