What is myomectomy surgery

How long does it take to recover from myomectomy surgery?

You can expect to feel better and stronger each day. But you may tire quickly and need pain medicine for a week or two. You may need about 4 to 6 weeks to fully recover. Don’t lift anything heavy while you are recovering.

Is a myomectomy painful?

After surgery to remove one or more fibroids, you may feel some pain in your belly for several days. Your belly may also be swollen. You may have a change in your bowel movements for a few days. And you may have some cramping for the first week.

How long does fibroid surgery take?

Laparoscopic myomectomy can take two to four hours, based on the number of fibroids and their size. You can go home the same day or spend a night in the hospital, depending on how you feel after the procedure. Overall recovery is about two to four weeks.

How long do you stay in hospital after fibroid surgery?

Whether you stay in the hospital for just part of the day or overnight depends on the type of procedure you have. Abdominal myomectomy (laparotomy) usually requires a hospital stay of one to two days. In most cases, laparoscopic or robotic myomectomy is done outpatient or with only one overnight stay.

How long does it take to get a flat stomach after myomectomy?

You may need about 4 to 6 weeks to fully recover. Do not lift anything heavy while you are recovering so that your incision and your belly muscles can heal. This care sheet gives you a general idea about how long it will take for you to recover.

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Is a myomectomy a major surgery?

Also known as an “open” myomectomy, an abdominal myomectomy is a major surgical procedure. It involves making an incision through the skin on the lower abdomen, known as a “bikini cut,” and removing the fibroids from the wall of the uterus.

How soon can I walk after myomectomy?

After two weeks, aim to walk for about 10 minutes every day, unless advised otherwise by your doctor. Depending on the type of surgery, you can return to work within two to six weeks (abdominal myomectomy takes the longest recovery time).

How fast do fibroids grow back after myomectomy?

Research shows that about 90 out of 100 women who have this procedure are still satisfied with the results one to two years afterwards. In up to 20 out of 100 women, fibroids grow again within the first few years after the procedure.

How many hours does a myomectomy surgery take?

The surgery will take about 2 hours. As you wake up in the recovery room, the nurse will check to be sure you are stable and comfortable. It is important for you to tell your doctor and nurse how you feel and ask questions about any concerns you may have.

What size fibroids need surgery?

A myomectomy can be performed through an open incision, or in some cases, laparoscopically. Most experts believe that about 9-10 centimeters (about 4 inches) diameter is the largest size fibroid that should be removed laparoscopically.

Do you lose weight after fibroids are removed?

Hysterectomies also help to reduce chronic pain and heavy bleeding caused by fibroids, endometriosis, and other conditions. When these symptoms resolve after surgery, you might find that you have a lot more energy for physical activity, potentially leading to weight loss.

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How do I prepare for fibroid surgery?

  1. Prepare a bag for the hospital stay (3-4 days per my GYN)
  2. Bring chap stick, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, pajamas or robe, socks, panties.
  3. Purchase a magazine or two to read, and some playing cards.
  4. Wash your clothes and bed linens a few days before the surgery.

Can you sleep on your side after myomectomy?

comfortable. After 48 hours you may sleep flat on your back, you may not sleep on your stomach or sides for four weeks.

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