What to expect after varicose vein surgery

How long does it take to heal after varicose vein surgery?

It usually takes two to four weeks to recover from varicose vein stripping. However, your recovery time will depend on how many veins were stripped and where they were located. Your doctor will prescribe pain medications to help with the discomfort.

What can you not do after varicose vein surgery?

Avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time. Do not soak the treated leg for 48 hours after the procedure to reduce the risk of infection. Don’t let the pain and appearance of varicose veins keep you from enjoying life.

Does varicose vein surgery hurt?

You may need several treatments — usually 4 to 6 weeks apart — to completely close off a vein. You won’t need anything to numb you, and the only discomfort you’ll feel will be the sensation of small needle pricks from the injections. You’ll need to wear compression stockings for a few weeks after each procedure.

How do you sleep after varicose vein surgery?

Keep the blood flowing to your heart by keeping your legs elevated. This takes pressure off of your veins and allows them to heal faster. Sleeping can be tough right after vein surgery. Talk to your doctor about home remedies, over-the-counter drugs, and prescription medications for sleep.

What are the side effects of varicose vein surgery?

Some possible risks of laser varicose vein surgery include:

  • Infection.
  • Pain over the vein.
  • Bleeding.
  • Bruising.
  • Nerve damage.
  • Redness or swelling (inflammation) of the vein.
  • Blood clots.
  • Changes in skin color over the treated vein.
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Is it worth getting varicose veins removed?

Having surgery or a procedure is a better choice if you care a lot about how your legs look. Home treatment won’t change the look of varicose veins. Surgery and other procedures also can reduce pain and other symptoms. Surgery can leave tiny scars on your legs.

Can I walk after vein ablation?

Walking is Recommended After Vein Treatment

Laser vein treatment, sclerotherapy, and EVLT are all treatment options that can successfully help patients who suffer from spider or varicose veins.

How do you prepare for varicose vein surgery?

Preparing for the procedure

  1. Bring a list of questions to ask your doctors. …
  2. Tell your doctors ALL the medicines and natural health products you take. …
  3. If you take aspirin or some other blood thinner, ask your doctor if you should stop taking it before your surgery.

Are you awake during varicose vein surgery?

This procedure is usually done to remove the varicose veins closest to the surface of your skin. You will be awake during the procedure, but your doctor will numb the area around the vein. Usually, you can go home the same day that the procedure is done.

Do veins grow back after being cut?

Unfortunately when veins grow back again after trauma, they never have any valves in them. Therefore, when varicose veins are removed, the veins grow back again and there are no valves in them at all.

How much does it cost to have varicose veins removed?

The cost of vein stripping surgery ranges from $1,500 to $3,000 plus fees charged by the hospital or surgical center. Costs for EVLT range from $600 to $3,000, depending on how much of the vein needs to be treated. Insurance may pick up part of the tab, however, if the varicose veins are painful or debilitating.

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How long will my leg hurt after vein ablation?

Inflammatory changes around the vein called superficial phlebitis will show as reddening of the skin, and minor local pain and tenderness. The inflammatory changes may start 7–21 days after the procedure and may last for up to 10 days.

Can I drive after varicose vein surgery?

To rest up after the operation raises the risk of developing blood clots in the deep veins (deep vein thrombosis or DVT). Regular exercise reduces this risk, but makes the leg more uncomfortable. Driving: You will be able to drive within 48 hours of the operation provided the leg is not too uncomfortable.

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