Which option best describes what is being done during strabismus surgery?

What ICD 10 CM code is reported for bilateral chronic otitis media with effusion?


What ICD 10 CM code is reported for suppurative otitis media in the right ear?


What CPT code is reported for removal of foreign body?


What ICD 10 CM code S is are reported for bilateral cataracts?


What CPT code is reported for removal of foreign body from the external auditory canal?


What ICD 10 CM code is reported for mild nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy?


What are the three classifications of anesthesia?

There are three main types of anesthesia: General, local, and conscious sedation.

What is the CPT codes for strabismus correction involving the lateral rectus muscle?

If a recession or resection of a muscle is performed in each eye concurrently, such as a bilateral lateral rectus recession, the proper coding then would be 67311-RT combined with 67311-51-LT.

What ICD 10 code is reported for left lower eyelid basal carcinoma?


What is considered a superficial foreign body?

And what is considered “superficial”? “A superficial injury of the ankle, foot, and/or toes involves a minimal scrape, cut, blister, bite, bruise, external constriction, foreign body, or other minor wound due to trauma or surgery.” S90. 852 is an injury code for a superficial foreign body, left foot.

Does CPT 28190 require an incision?

Unlike the generic code for simple foreign body removal from subcutaneous tissue (10120), the code for removing a foreign body from the subcutaneous tissue of the foot does not specifically require incision as part of the removal to use the specific code for “removal of foreign body, foot; subcutaneous” (28190).

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What CPT code is reported for a Tympanoplasty with mastoidectomy?


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